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Lone Wulffe Projects




Welcome to our projects page!  Below are photos of our current R/C aircraft projects as of April, 1999.  Click on any photo to view a larger image - click "back" on your browser to return.  Please feel free to email us questions - as we complete each project, we will include a review.




Where We Work...

pwrkshp1.jpg (36358 bytes)This is Pilsner's workshop - a nice large working area!

jsmlwkbnch.jpg (127487 bytes)Jupes' shop is comprised of 3 separate stations within a utility room.  First a tool cabinet...

jwkbnch.jpg (152528 bytes)the second station in Jupes' workshop is a workbench...

jwktable.jpg (107609 bytes)and third, a table (actually a door...).  This is the main work area.


Our Current Projects

amfuse.jpg (39139 bytes)

Left:  Pilsner's Giant Aeromaster fuse.

Right:  The completed parts so far...

aminprg.jpg (77545 bytes)
amsetup.jpg (23138 bytes)

Two photos of the Aeromaster assembly - just about ready to cover...

amside.jpg (33544 bytes)

staudacherparts.jpg (75382 bytes)

Jupes latest project - an ISC giant-scale Staudacher (ARC).  Pictured on the left are the parts fresh out of the box.  The construction is very high quality!

Jupes plans to use 5 - FMA high-torque servos, 1 JR 517 servo (throttle), a 1300 mah battery, and a Zenoah G45 for the plane.

Click on the image to the right to view the Staudacher specifications...

staudacherbook.jpg (172400 bytes)

jpittswingc.jpg (82054 bytes)

Jupes' background project is a Lanier Ultimate Pitts.  To the left is the completed top wing.



©1999 by Jupes and Pilsner